Product description

Mojelim Power Buy Shampoo for Men (POWERED BY MOJELIM SHAMPOO) 400ML.

Regain your manly confidence with just one step and get close to the volume of your hair.
Improves the regeneration of the scalp With seaweed extract from Wan-Do, it nourishes and restores hair to its original state.
Soothes the scalp and adds elasticity to the hair.
remove dirt Harmful contaminants and unpleasant odors
Korean shampoo that is certified by MFDS as a cosmetic that reduces hair loss. Certified and proven that sensitive skin, sensitive scalp can be used.
Free of allergenic fragrances/ Parabens/ Silicone/ CMIT/ MIT/ Phenoxyethanol/ Triethanolamine/ Imidazolidinyl Urea/ Benzene Toluene/ Thymol / No ingredients harmful to humans.

how to use
Apply Powered by Mojelim Shampoo to wet hair and massage into scalp in gentle circular motions. then rinse with clean water

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