HI-GRIMM CO., LTD. has established since 1992 under the name of HI-GRIMM MEDITRADE CO.,LTD., wholesaling medicines, medical supplies & instrument to first aid rooms in organizations all over the country.

HI-GRIMM CO., LTD. specializes in managing operations in organizations first aid rooms.

We are even more specialized to work with the organizations with multi-locations. The organization which have workplaces located in provinces, and yet focus on All Locations Under One Standard. We can provide the same standard of medicines, at the same prices with the same quality of services.


    With experiences over 25 years, HI-GRIMM CO, LTD. Has been trusted from organization from

a variety of industries. We understood the differences in medical consumption in each industry, and we can serve such differences efficiently.

Thanks for a large number of customers in a variety of industries. In 2008, we expanded business to environmental innovation. We opened KEEEN CO., LTD., researching & developing bio-remediation agent to manage the waste in wastewater system with bio-technology. KEEEN CO., LTD. Has been awarded the PM AWARD in the year of 2016.


  With dedicating in delivering the good health to customers for years, we realized that to have a good health must be proactive, not reactive. We have to pay attention to health in daily lives, fit & firm all the time. In 2015, we expanded business to food supplement for healthy sustainability. We opened KINN WORLDWIDE CO., LTD., researching & manufacturing cordyceps supplement in capsules. The products have been distributed over the country and exported to overseas markets.


   In 2016, HI-GRIMM MEDITRADE CO.,LTD. has rebranded to HI-GRIMM CO., LTD.

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