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PLANZ ITCH AWAY is extracted from various natural & organic medicinal herbs ingredients such as Hop Headed Barleria, Pandan leaves, Tiliacora triandra, Camphor, Menthol, Eucalyptus. With their cooling properties, the PLANZ ITCH AWAY can relieve itching, swelling from insect bites, as well as relieve dizziness & soothe headache.

PLANZ ITCH AWAY s application:PLANZ ITCH AWAY s application:- To rub on the affected area, it helps alleviate the effects of insect bites, reduces swelling, itching, and inflammation. - To inhale the scent aids in relieving nasal congestion, easing cold symptoms, alleviating dizziness, headaches, and promoting a revitalized feeling, combating fatigue.

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