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 DIMENSION:  H 29cm. X L 44cm. X W 27 cm.
color RED
The rescuer bag is made of special materials which are water-proof.  The bag can protect medicines, first aid supplies, as well as rescue equipment from sunlight, water, and falling.
The rescuer bag use water resistant zippers at the positions of front pocket, and side pockets both - - left and right.
Apparently WHITE CROSS mark on the bag
3 reflective strips on the bag help to be seen sparklingly at night.
The rescuer bag can be hold with 2 options - - both handy bag and shoulder bag.
The shoulder bag strap can be adjustable.
Inside the bag is  6 - partitioned, which can be adjusted or taken out in order to increase size of some spaces.
Front pocket is with 2 zippers is for more durable.  Inside front pocket, there are netted bag, and elasticated loops to secure loose items within large front pocket
Each of side pockets with 2 zippers is for more durable. Inside side pockets, there are netted bag, and elasticated loops.

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